6 Stars Who Defended Their Gay Brother After Homophobic Comments

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There is no stronger bond than the one between siblings (usually). No matter how much you may fight over emptying the dishwasher or leaving the car’s gas tank empty, you love each other. You can throw every mean word you’ve ever learned at your brother or sister during a fight, but the second someone else tries to badmouth your sib, they’ll have hell to pay — that’s the beauty of sisterhood/brotherhood/siblinghood.

Although, nowadays, people are becoming more and more accepting about various sexual orientations, let’s face it, there are still some bigots and homophobes out there (like certain politicians who were recently elected into office *cough*). There are a ton of stars that have LGBTQ+ family members and they do NOT take well to people discriminating against or bashing their beloved siblings online. Even if they can’t respond to every hater who chooses to comment with hateful & hurtful words (’cause they wouldn’t have any time to do anything else, really), these six stars have publicly backed and supported their gay brother against homophobia: