28 Celebrities Who Actually Dated Their Celebrity Crush

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Most people you know have at least one burning celebrity crush along with a very little chance of ever actually being in a relationship with that celebrity. It’s the way of the world, really. And the sooner you come to terms with it, the sooner you’ll be content with loving your celebrity crush from afar. Us non-celebrities have to deal with this on the reg — but so do famous people! Sure, they’re a lot more likely to meet their celebrity crush, but chemistry is chemistry and if two people (famous or not) don’t fit together, then there’s no forcing it.

Sometimes, an everyday person hits the freaking jackpot and lands a relationship with their celebrity crush. And the same thing can happen with other celebrities! When the stars align, who KNOWS what could come of it? Wait, scratch that. These 28 celebrities totally know what could come of it, because they’ve actually dated their celebrity crushes: