7 Times Your Favorite Celebrities Contributed to Rape Culture

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Celebrities are supposed to be people we watch as a form of entertainment. They are not supposed to perpetuate ideas like rape culture. And yet, we often hear them say and do sexist things that actually promote rape culture, and it sucks. If you don’t know what rape culture is, here’s the lowdown: It is the term that describes how a society sees sexual assault and rape victims and blame them for their crimes, instead of the assaulter themselves a.k.a. it’s defending people who say that rape is okay, when it never, ever is.

Sometimes, the celebrities you look up to can actually contribute to rape culture as well. Here are some unfortunate examples of celebrities who have perpetuated rape culture in the past. (NOTE: Rape and sexual assault are both very real and very scary. It’s important to learn about this stuff so we can learn how to fix it for future generations. It’s up to us to end rape culture!) Take a look at what these celebrities had to say:

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