12 Celebrities Who Cheated on Their Loves… with Their Co-Stars

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With all of the time that actors spend on the sets of their film and TV shows, it’s expected that they will form pretty tight bonds with their castmates. It’s actually basically guaranteed that at least one relationship will come out of the filming of each project, because super-close quarters + chemistry = romance.

While that’s enough to satiate the hungry gossip mills, the real dish always comes from the on-set relationships that blossom while (at least) one of the two people involved are already in a relationship with someone else. You see, that ups the ante from a regular old on-set coupling to an all-out scandal, and one that sort of gets attached to you for the remainder of your career. Every time you start a new project, everyone’s just side-eyeing you, wondering who your next illicit on-set conquest will involve. Just ask these 12 celebrities, who cheated on their significant others with their co-stars and never lived it down: