7 Celebs Who Tried Real Hard to Grow Facial Hair… and Failed Hardcore!

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While 5 Seconds of Summer lead singer Luke Hemmings now has some serious facial hair, he was once a smol boy who couldn’t grow a beard. “when I grow up, I wanna beard just like you :(,” he tweeted to his bandmate Michael Clifford back in early 2013. But while the 19-year-old Australian was able to make his dreams of having a furry face come true, not all male celebrities have been so lucky.

You probably remember the time Justin Bieber introduced fans to Rick, his creepy-a** ‘stache back in 2013. Yes, the “Company” singer was proud AF about the barely there whiskers, but let’s be real for a second — just because you technically can grow something that kinda sorta looks like a maybe beard and/or mustache, doesn’t mean you should. Here are all the hot guys who clearly want to try out the rugged-man look, but obviously cannot.