9 Stars Who Called Out Kim Kardashian for Being, Well… Kim Kardashian

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There are few celebrities who get attacked for who they are more so than the Kardashians… but let’s be real: They practically are American royalty, so it’s almost to be expected.

However, it’s not only the public that sometimes find themselves outraged over the E! Network’s most popular reality TV family. Oftentimes, it’s other stars who just can’t seem to get past Kris Jenner‘s “momager” ways, Kendall Jenner‘s poor advertising decisions and Kim Kardashian, well… just being Kim!

That’s right — unless you somehow found a way to avoid every magazine stand in every grocery store and on every street corner, you probably know that Kim has had a lot of beef with other stars over the years. From feuds over sexy magazine cover shoots to arguments over her husband’s music, it seems the drama never ends. Well, the time has come. Check out our list of nine stars who publicly called out Kim Kardashian for basically being the most “Kim” she could possibly be: