13 Celebrities Who Sent the Most Weird AF Gifts to Other Stars

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Gift giving is tough no matter who you are, and we are all about to feel that with the holiday season approaching. You want to get something that shows you care and that isn’t generic. But oftentimes we come up with a blank and have a strict budget. Celebrities, however, don’t have the same budget (if any sort of budget at all), so they give crazy expensive gifts. They also come up with off-the-wall present ideas because you have to be creative with someone who can afford literally anything and everything.

We previously spoke to celebrities about the worst gifts they have ever gotten. They ranged from Jell-o molds to anti-aging cream. Those can be pretty bad, but a lot of celebrity gift-givers aren’t much better. They have sent some things to other people that made headlines and left us scratching our heads wondering what they were thinking. Some have gone has far as to give their own human fluids and bones to express their love and gratitude to the famous people in their lives. Others have given dirty presents that are more appropriate for a bachelorette party than the occasions the star was celebrating. And others were just plain scary and would NOT be appreciated by most. Take note of this list of things that you should probably avoid giving to your loved ones: