7 Celebrities Who Are BFFs with Her Boyfriend’s On-Screen Love Interest

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When it comes to TV, nothing is off limits. Like, it’s totally wrong to make out with your best friend’s boyfriend in real life, but that kind of content is television GOLD. (See Gossip Girl, Glee, One Tree Hill, etc.) And, apparently, it’s alright when it comes to working in Hollywood, too.

Lots of times, people are forced to lock lips for the sake of a production, whether it be a TV series, big-screen movie or music video. It’s an awkward situation, as many actors can attest to, but it’s made all the more awkward when the two people locking lips are connected by the same person IRL: the guy’s girlfriend… who just so happens to be the girl’s BFF.

Lea Michele could’ve counted, if she and Dianna Agron didn’t have a falling out when Lea started dating Cory Monteith. But even without that hot mess of a former friendship/relationship, there are still a minimum of seven females who are close with her bae’s on-screen love interest: