7 Celebrities Who Went to Their Prom After They Became Famous

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Every girl should feel like a celebrity on her prom night. For all the hours we spend finding the dream dress, applying party-perfect makeup, styling a flawless up-do, prom preparation is a real process, and by the time it’s all said and done, we deserve to have our red-carpet moments. Move over, Jennifer Lawrence!

Prom’s super exciting because when else do we get to spend hundreds of dollars to look like royalty? But actual celebs are accustomed to getting glammed up all the time. Awards shows, movie premieres, blah blah blah. And some stars who become famous at a young enough age even get to attend prom in addition to all those crazy A-list events. Ugh, some people have all the luck. Here are seven stars who attended their high school proms after they’d already found fame and fortune: