Celebs Who Are Shockingly the Same Age

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Lady Gaga and Dianna Agron, Snooki and Zac Efron? As crazy as it sounds, these oddball pairs actually have something in common: A birth year! Take a look at the surprising same-age pairs below:

Lady Gaga and Dianna Agron: 1986
Maybe we’ll always think of Dianna as a queen bee high schooler on Glee. Or maybe the pop queen just has an old (meat-dress wearing) soul. Either way, these two blondes do not seem like they’re the same age — nor on the same wavelength.


Snooki and Zac Efron: 1987
What?! Here’s a duo you don’t see often. It’s hard to believe they’re in the same sentence, let alone age bracket. Think the meatball would hit on Zac if she knew they were the same age? He may not be her usual juicehead, but hey, he has buffed up!


Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart: 1990
Sure, these ladies both starred in blockbuster movies based off book series, but how do you think a convo between the always-serious Twilight star and the smiley The Hunger Games actress would go? We’re sort of cringing at the thought.


 Taylor Momsen and Debby Ryan: 1993
While it feels like the ex-Gossip Girl has been trying to act older for years, we get the impression that Debby is content with her young age and Disney image. Aside from the fact that the angsty Pretty Reckless singer and cuddly Jessie starlet can both vote now, we literally cannot think of any other similarities. Could you imagine these two being in the same grade? Weird!


Kylie Jenner and Chloe Moretz: 1997
It’s hard to believe both beauties are so young considering they’ve both graced pages of magazines and been considered fashion icons for a few  years now. Wow, and we thought we were stylish as high school freshmen…


Which pair is most shocking? What other celebs don’t seem their age?

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