18 Celebrities Who Are Almost as Harry Potter-Obsessed as You Are. Almost.

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It’s hard to not get sucked into all of the movies, books, and fictional world of Harry Potter. A young boy who is made to feel like an outcast only to find out he is a magical wizard that could save the world? Who wouldn’t want to know how that story ends? The series has a huge fan base that goes by “Potterheads.” At first glance you may assume that Potterheads are just kids who are mostly into fantasy books. But Potterheads are so huge and includes people of all ages with very different interests. They also include some of your favorite celebrities!

You probably think that celebrities would think they’re too cool to geek out over Harry Potter. But many of them are often tweeting about watching the movies. Or going on big trips to Orlando to go to visit the Wizarding World (which is one of 34 things every Harry Potter fan should do before they die). They’ve even opened up about which Hogwarts house they would want to be in, and why they identify with the Boy Who Lived. So don’t worry if you feel like you’re all alone in your love for the series. Most of Hollywood is on board with you!

So which of your favorite celebrities is a die hard Potterhead? Here are 18 celebrities who love tweeting, watching, and talking about the series. Sadly they didn’t get to act in the film, but maybe it’s good that they get to just appreciate it and watch it with us!