11 Stars Who Are So Freaking Happy About Their Ex’s New Relationship

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Love is a roller coaster, with some serious ups and downs. Celebrity love is basically your average romance… with double the complications. When it comes to celeb romance, everything is SO freaking intense, because everyone is under a microscope throughout the relationship. Even if the duo is well liked and totes in love, like our favorite new couples of 2015, someone always has something to say about their relationship, which sucks.

When a couple breaks up, it gets way worse, if you can imagine that. Sure, some stars are better off when they call it quits with their famous bae, but that’s not always the case. Sadly, some celebs can never really move on, and admit that they are still smitten with their former flame. The weirdest post-breakup dynamic, however, is when one celeb is beyond happy for their ex’s new relationship. Seriously, it’s super bizarre (but awesome, when you think about it). See what we mean below: