10 Celebs Who Look Like Great Cuddlers

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High on the list of what we look for in a boyfriend, girlfriend, or BFF is an excellent cuddle buddy. When you’re upset and need a giant hug or want to get cozy when watching a scary movie on a rainy day, it really helps to have a huggable, snuggable warm and fuzzy friend! So when Justin Bieber spilled in a recent interview that he’s an excellent cuddler, we a) swooned, and b) got to thinking about all the other celebs who are big teddy bears too. Here are nine we’d give an A+ in cuddle ability, based on what we know:

Kellan Lutz
His Twilight character, Emmett, is described as a giant fuzzball, and we imagine Kellan’s just like that IRL. We’d love to get wrapped up in his strong strong arms and it’s not just because he seems like a super-nice guy. Have you ever been hugged by a tall, muscular person? Best. Cuddle. Sesh. Ever.

Kellan Lutz, Striped Sweater


Taylor Swift
TSwift greets everyone with a hug, so she’s probably a pro at cuddling too. You know this girl has a PhD in sleepovers and pajama parties. She’s gotta put that knowledge somewhere.

Taylor Swift, Pink Sweater


Mark Salling
Underneath that cocky, bad boy exterior, Mark is just a big ‘ol softie. Though he might not want to admit it in public, he’ll surely compensate for it in private with lots and lots of’ ‘puck’ering cuddling, of course!

Mark Salling at the New Year's Eve Premiere


Zooey Deschanel
Blanket fort, anyone? Goofy and fun Zooey looks like she would always give a thumbs up to that idea — and be down for a cuddle fest. Milk and cookies optional.


Liam Hemsworth
Miley‘s a lucky girl. Unlike his hotheaded Hunger Games counterpart, Gale, Liam looks like he would help you keep cool if you were in hysterics, and provide a sturdy shoulder to cry on and hug and never let go.

Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party


Katy Perry
How do we put this nicely? Katy’s, um, ample bosom would make a great pillow. Don’t lie — you’ve thought about it too!

Katy Perry ASCAP 2012


Roshon Fegan
With his adorable, heart-melting smile and kind eyes, sweet Roshon is the type to wrap you in his arms whenever you want — and not be afraid to do so in public, to boot.


Debby Ryan
Debby plays a nanny on the Disney Channel’s Jessie and seems as sweet and caring in real life. We pinned her down as the enthusiastic cuddling type. Hugs for everyone, every time!

Disney Channel

Chord Overstreet
We know, we know. We keep talking about hot guys and strong arms. But did you see Chord lifting Emma Roberts?!?! You’ve got to admit, you’d just die if you were cuddling with him. He’d probs even serenade you.

Chord Overstreet, Emma Roberts at Coachella 2012

Pacific Coast News

Ryan Gosling
“Hey girl, wanna cuddle?” Our answer: duh.


Do you think these celebrities are cuddly? Who would YOU most like to shnug with?