Like You, These 12 Celebrities are the Biggest Fans of Cardi B

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Cardi B is a national treasure. She’s, hands down, one of the best things to come out of 2017 and one of those celebrities you just want to be best friends with. Cardi is SO dope, even other celebrities wish they knew her and want to be her friend. That is why right now we’re counting down 10 celebs who are Cardi B’s biggest fans:

We all know Cardi’s single, “Bodak Yellow,” is what got her on the map, but it’s also what made Demi Lovato a HUGE fan of her fellow Latina. During an interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in New York City, Elvis told Demi that they both share the same favorite song, “Bodak Yellow,” and Demi did not skip a beat when it came to the lyrics. She even asked Elvis if she was allowed to curse, and when he said no, she took out all the profanities”

Demi isn’t the only huge fan of “Bodak Yellow.” In fact, many celebrities have spoken out about their love for Cardi B and her hit single, like Ansel Elgort and Timothée Chalamet. So if you didn’t know these two huge up-and-coming actors actually went to the same high school and Ansel claims that Timothée was way more popular than he was at LaGuardia High School. Another contest these two seem to be having is who is a bigger Cardi B fan because, last year, Ansel uploaded this picture with Cardi to Instagram:

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But it’s pretty clear who the winner is in this contest: Timothée. TC actually gave Cardi B a shoutout in his Gotham Award Speech and on top of that rapped “Bartier Cardi” during an interview at the SAG Awards!

Timothee attributes his love for Cardi and her music to being from the same hometown of the Bronx.

The love for Cardi B can be found in some of the most unexpected people, like news personality Connie Chung! Connie is 71 years old, so Andy Cohen was a little taken aback when Connie impersonated Cardi on Watch What Happens Live:

Cardi B is so loveable, her fandom transcends all ages. We know this because the entire cast of Stranger Things, specifically Millie Bobby Brown, is OBSESSED with Cardi B. The kid actors had a full on dance-off at the Netflix SAG Awards after-party at the beginning of the year and went crazy when “Bodak Yellow” came on.

MBB is SO obsessed with Cardi B, though, because she showcased her rap skills on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon by rapping an entire recap of Stranger Things, Season 1, and it’s pretty obvious Cardi’s “Bodak Yellow” was the inspiration behind her bars:

Moving onto someone else who can’t get enough of the new rap queen is Blac Chyna. This may come as a surprise to you all that know Chyna is close with Nicki Minaj. That didn’t stop her from jamming out to “Bodak Yellow,” though, like the rest of the world:

While we’re on the topic of Blac Chyna, we want to let you guys know that Kim Kardashian loves Cardi B, too! Not only does Cardi make great catchy music, her Instagram is one of the most fun accounts to follow. Earlier this year, Cardi posted a photo of herself performing at the Staples Center in LA and Kim commented on the photo, saying, “So Pretty.” Kim’s comment got more than 17 THOUSAND likes in two days and it’s one of the most entertaining threads on Instagram to date. Leave it to Kim to stalk Cardi’s profile like the rest of us.

Not only does Cardi resonate with reality stars, A-list movie stars love Cardi as well. Jim Carrey is a Cardi B fan! The “Liar Liar” actor took to Twitter to express his love for the new household name by tweeting a link to Bruno Mars‘ song, “Finesse,” featuring Cardi B, and saying, “@Iamcardib and Bruno Mars, Great song, beautiful memories. Really gave me a kick. Spank you kindly!”

Cardi obviously freaked out and actually posted Jim’s tweet to her Instagram, writing in the caption, “OMGGGG I love Jim Carrey, this makes me so happy!”

Another A-list movie star whot can’t get enough of Cardi is Idris Elba! Idris was recently asked to pick between DJ Khaled, Bryson Tiller and Rihanna‘s “Wild Thoughts” and Cardi’s “Bodak Yellow.” Take a wild guess which song he picked…

And the list of A-listers doesn’t stop there either — Cardi has also stolen the heart of Taraji P. Henson! The Empire actress decided to tell Cardi B how she really felt about her in an Instagram comment. TPH commented on one of Cardi’s photos, saying, “SHINE BABY SHINE. Was following you when you had 70k followers, it was that personality and realness that made me hit that Follow Joint! Look at you now!!!” Taraji went on to tell Cardi to stay humble and praised her for what she’s accomplished thus far. Cardi also posted this comment to her Instagram page, and what’s better than seeing women support other women?

The best thing about Cardi B is she has no shame in reposting everyone’s love for her. Like when she posted this video of Kevin Hart & Ludacris jamming out to “Bodak Yellow” as well:

Well, there you guys have it — the biggest celebrity Cardi B fans.