11 of Taylor Swift’s BFFs Who Cant Stop Talking About Her

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Taylor Swift has a lot of best friends, most of whom are really famous. Seriously, this girl is friends with EVERYONE. Remember last week when we saw her being besties with Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet? Before that she was hanging out with Sarah Hyland on New Year's Eve! Plus, she makes amazing crafts with Hailee Steinfeld like it's NBD. How do we join her inner circle?!

When you're a celeb and you're BFFs with TSwift, everyone's going to ask you about her. Almost all of Taylor's friends have been quoted talking about their relationship. Taylor's longtime bestie Selena Gomez has talked numerous times about her friendship with Taylor. Even Dianna Agron has spoken out about being friends with her. Want to know what all of these stars had to say about Taylor? Take a look at our gallery below! Check out all of the pics of Taylor with her BFFs and then tell us, which friendship do you love the most? Let us know in the comments!