13 Celebrities Who Almost Died in Horrific Accidents

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There are a lot of scary things that can happen in life. You could, for example, run out of milk after you’ve already poured your cereal. Or, worse, you could get to class and your teacher could say, “Put away your books and take out a Number 2 pencil,” on a day that you hadn’t anticipated an exam. But what would probably be worse than those things is nearly dying. Like, right? If you had to categorize the amount of fear that an occurrence in your life instilled in you, seeing the end of it flash before your eyes would likely take the top spot, no contest.

There are tons of people in the world who have been shaken up by scary near-death experiences. And a good many of those people just so happen to be celebrities! Weird, we know. But let’s not expel all of our energy trying to wrap our heads around the mathematical odds of that happening and get to the meat-and-potatoes of why we’re here today. And that’s to round all of them up for you, as we’re sure you didn’t know that these 13 celebrities almost freaking DIED: