10 Stars Who Actually Admitted to Cheating on Their Significant Other

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Most celebrity couples are in long-distance relationships, unless they’re lucky enough to be working in the same area or even with each other on a project. But, because they travel so much for work, the pairs are usually separated. We would like to think they would stay faithful regardless of the distance… but we know the deal. Many stars have cheated while their partners were away or right under their nose! In fact, sometimes, the ones who they cheated with were their co-stars! Naturally, this has led to some pretty nasty public breakups/divorces.

For the most part, cheaters don’t admit they did the deed because they don’t want to be dumped, don’t want to throw away the chance of possibly getting back together with their ex or for anyone to find out how effed up they are. It’s selfish, yet it happens. All. The. Time. There are, however, some exceptions to the rule. These ten celebrities have admitted to cheating in their past relationships. Most of them came clean about their unfaithfulness after being caught in public, and had to own up to their mistake. Some were photographed getting too close to someone other than their partner. Others were outed by tabloids or even their exes themselves. The good thing about everyone knowing that you cheated is that you can open about the reasons why. When people understand the reasons behind such problems, they can learn from them and avoid it themselves.