6 of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Admitted to Getting Lip Injections

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While some celebrities are born with full, luscious lips, not everyone is lucky enough to have Angelina Jolie‘s mouth naturally. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting filler to plump your pout, but if you do, it’s USUALLY pretty darn obvious… so denial is basically useless. Even though many celebrities either choose to do exactly this, or simply keep their lips sealed on the lip-filler front, others DGAF about what people think and own up to getting injections.

Kylie Jenner skirted around the subject of her suddenly plump pout for MONTHS before she finally fessed up to getting “temporary lip fillers” to increase her self-confidence. Jessica Simpson waited almost a year until she felt comfortable saying she got injections. But hey — at least they owned up to it! See who else spoke out about getting lip fillers in the gallery below: