6 Times Celebrities “Accidentally” Kissed One of Their Pals… on Camera!

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There’s no shortage of female celebrity BFFs kissing each other… just for fun. Rita Ora posted a photo of her locking lips with Ellie Goulding on EG’s 28th birthday, Lena Dunham & Jemima Kirke hooked up on New Year’s once, JWoww & Snooki do it all the time… There’s so much platonic love to go around, so why not show your affection, you know?

But these don’t exactly fall under the same category. While they all involve platonic lip touches — like, in no way, shape or form are they romantic — they weren’t performed on purpose either. Supposedly, they were all accidents. We’re not completely sold on Katy Perry‘s explanation of her hookup with Miley Cyrus, or even what a Nickelodeon alum said about kissing her co-star. Nevertheless, here are their stories: