Oh Sh**! These 9 Celebrities All Accidentally Cursed on Live TV

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Just like the rest of us, celebrities don’t always have the cleanest vocabularies. But unlike us, they have thousands and thousands of fans listening to their every word — and many of them are way too young to be hearing that stuff! Selena Gomez learned that the hard way during a 2013 performance, when she got frustrated over a technical difficulty and started cursing, apparently unaware that her mic was still working just fine.

We crack up whenever it happens, but swearing on live TV is no joke. Up until a few years ago, networks had to pay major $$$ if anyone accidentally (or purposefully!) cursed live on the air. Although the rules are slightly more chill now, it can still turn into a big scandal when profanity gets mistakenly broadcast. That’s why so many live shows actually use a seven-second delay — if somebody suddenly drops an F-bomb while, for example, accepting an award (ahem, Jennifer Lawrence), the video editors backstage have a few seconds to cover up the expletive with that classic *bleep*. Unfortunately, they don’t always manage to insert the censor in time. That’s what happened to these stars, and their swear word slip-ups were broadcast on live television for the whole world to hear: