Celebs Who Have Appeared in Web Series (There’s More Than Ya Think!)

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There’s a point in every young actor’s budding career when they’re on the verge of great fame or just totally broke from living in Hollywood and land a super awesome role on the blue screen, which is smaller that the small screen. Yes, we’re talking about web series. (Get it now? Blue screen…cause it goes blue when you turn it off? Okfinewhatever.)

Case in point: Last year, Alexandra Chando starred in Season 1 of Talent just before her big break on TV in one of our fave new shows, The Lying Game. And now that Talent‘s back for Season 2 and better than ever, it got us thinking about all the other celebs who have made their fresh-faced appearance in a web series. And there’s a LOT!

BC Jean: Okay, so she’s technically been around since Talent‘s first season playing Harper, a down-on-her-luck musician trying to make it in Hollywood. But in real life, BCis anything but — she’s got a full-fledged music career and acting is just her side gig.

Tyler Blackburn & Meaghan Martin: Remember when PLL hottie Tyler Blackburn not only acted in but sang in the music video for the Wendy web series? Yeah, kind of epic. Especially considering his costar was Meaghan Martin!

James Franco & Dave Franco: We’re not really sure what was more hysterical in this situation — the fact that James Franco was trying to give his lil bro, Dave, acting lessons or the fact that Dave kinda actually needed them. Hmm…

Jackson Rathbone: Despite the fact that his very minor role in the Twilight movies is always scene-stealing and ROFL-worthy, Jackson can actually act. And nothing shows off those chops better than Cambio’s Aim High series, where he plays a high school student by day and a deadly US government agent by night. Oh yeah, it also stars Aimee Teegarden!

Ashton Kutcher: We were skeptical when we heard about Ashton creating a web series about about his office life, but somewhere between crazy magic tricks and a monkey pooping and peeing on both him and Kim Kardashian, we couldn’t stop watching.

So, which web series is your fave? Are there any celebs we missed? And where do you go to watch funny vids online? Share with us in the comments!