Celebrities Dressed Like Disco Balls

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When you say you want to be the life of the party, there’s one sure way to achieve that goal: wear a disco ball dress. People flock to shiny objects (OMG! life secret!), and if you’re wearing layers and layers of glitter or tiny mirrors, you can’t be ignored. These celebs must have figured that out, because we surely aren’t forgetting these looks. If only because we think they should be dangling from the ceiling, spinning around and lighting up the party.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry can pull off a pretty sick E.T. look, but this Paco Rabanne number makes us think she’s on the other side, playing the role of space cadet. Aye, aye captain!


Taylor Swift
We all know how T. Swift LOVES her sparkly dresses, but this one is particularly disco-tastic. Are those actual mirrors I spot hanging from her dress? Oh dear, I think they are.

Amber Riley
Glee‘s reigning diva (sorry, Rachel Berry) looks totally gorgeous and glamorous in this dress, truly encapsulating the glitter ball spirit. Lights, camera…disco!

Lady Gaga
In the days of yore before she crafted meat dresses and bedazzled lobster headpieces, Lady Gaga just liked to sparkle (and dance). The metallic phase of her sartorial life was marked by lots and lots of looks like these and you know what? I’m feeling the nostalgia! She looks so normal in comparison to now.

Selena Gomez
Of course Sel managed to look sweet and demure back in ’09 even when she’s sparkling with the glow of a thousand tiny reflective objects. Of course.

Adam Lambert
Those pants — just look at those pants. Now try to look away. It’s impossible. The power of sparkle compels you.

Just Jared

Jessie J
Jessie J really should swirl around in the center of the dance floor and a party should form around her. I’d be so down it’s not even funny.

Nicki Minaj
Oh, Nicki you’re so fly. You’re so fly you manage to wear the components of a patched-together disco ball and not make my head explode. Hey Nicki, hey Nicki! I give you kudos. (Though let’s not swap wardrobes.)

Which one of these dresses do you think most looks like a disco ball? Would you wear any of them?

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