PJs, But Make It Fashion! 9 Stars Who Wore Pajamas Out in Public in 2017

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Let’s be real, 2017 has been really ~interesting~ when it comes to fashion trends. We predicted some of the strangest things that we would see in 2017, and we hate to say that some of those trends did come into existence.

Last year, eyebrows began to take center stage and they had their ‘It’ moment, becoming the singular most important part of someone’s beauty routine. As happy as we are that big, bold eyebrows are still in style, what we didn’t expect is for eyebrows to take such a weird turn in 2017. Why people would want to put braids on their eyebrows is beyond us, but we’re instead going to focus on some of the trends that started that we actually want to try out for ourselves.

We have always been fans of glasses-wearing folks embracing their required accessory, so we were thrilled to see that some of the biggest celebs are proudly showing off their glasses. It’s even better that the glasses are super cute and trendy and go with pretty much every outfit possible.

One trend that we didn’t see coming, though, is people wearing pajamas as clothes. Like, pajamas are being worn during interviews, at book signings and on shopping sprees… by some of your favorite celebrities! We like being comfy and nap-ready at all times just as much as the next person, but we were shocked to see so many people trading in pencil skirts and blazers for silky PJs.

The more we looked into this trend, we started to love it more and more. These famous women have been able to take something that we sleep in and turn it into a stylish look that has us wanting to revamp our own sleepwear. From classic pin-striped, two-piece pajamas to chic (and sheer) slips, even the top fashion icons are making this look totally their own.