These 7 Celebs Are Still Rocking Some Dental Bling in 2017

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If some of your favorite celebrities seem to be sporting some extra sparkly smiles lately, it may not be because of their pearly whites — it may actually be because they have diamonds in their teeth. #casual This type of jewelry is commonly known as a grill; they have been a staple of hip-hop culture since the early 1980s. This blinged-out dental accessory became even more popular in the early 2000s — Smile for me, daddy // (What you looking at?) // Let me see ya grill // (Let me see my what?) — but lately the trend seems to be gaining traction among some of today’s biggest stars.

While some famous people are choosing to bling out their entire mouths with a full-on grill, others are going for a more understated look, only applying a gem to one or two teeth. Hey, if you’ve got millions to spare, why not? Anyway, here’s our list of stars that are still rocking the dental accessory trend in 2017: