Happy National Tie Month! 8 Hotties Rockin’ The Bow Tie

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Since December is National Tie Month (and we’re all about holidays, conventional or notsomuch) we thought we’d pay homage to the one tie that doesn’t get the respect it deserves: the bow tie. These hotties are proof that the BT is making a comeback…

Harry Styles
It’s not very often that you see Mr. Styles wearing a tie.
We don’t know why, though. He looks so dapper!


Justin Timberlake
JT is all about the bow tie. He even wore one to his wedding!
Now that’s some serious BT lovin’ right there!


Robert Pattinson
Who knew vampires could be so classy?


Darren Criss
As if we needed more of a reason to crush on Darren.

Darren Criss

Joey Graceffa
Maybe this is biased, but we think Joey reps the bowtie bettah than anyone!


Joseph Gordon Levitt
We don’t know how he does it,
but JGL sure can make a plaid bow tie the hottest accessory around!


Zac Efron
Zac could totes be the spoke person for the bow tie. Model status like whoa!


Cody Simpson
Who would’ve thought putting a surfer boy in a penguin suit would turn out to be like the best thing ever!


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