7 Celebrities Who Didn’t Know They Were Meeting Other Celebrities

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We’ve all had that awkward moment when we don’t know someone that we probably should know and, TBH, the awkwardness could not get any more real. As mortifying as it is when it happens in our day-to-day lives, imagine how embarrassing it is when you’re a celebrity and you literally have no recollection of who another celebrity is… like, at all. Well, as bizarre as that sounds considering our celebrity antennae are up 100% of the time, trust us… it happens — and more often than you’d think!

Just recently, while Riverdale‘s Cole Sprouse appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Seth Meyers had to apologize to Cole for not knowing who he was at one time. We know… how could someone NOT know Cole Sprouse?! Anyway, When Cole’s co-stars, Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes, did an interview with Seth about a year ago, Seth told the girls how excited he was to see Molly Ringwald on the show, but, of course, Lili and Camila were more excited about someone else (a.k.a. Cole Sprouse). Apparently, Seth never watched The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Friends or even Big Daddy, because he asked them the most shocking question: “Who is Cole Sprouse?” OUCH.

That’s just one of MANY examples of celebrities who’ve claimed they don’t know other celebrities. Think of Mariah Carey, who, on more than one occasion, has denied knowing a bunch of other popular female celebrities. When asked about about Jennifer Lopez, for example, Mariah made herself into an instant meme when she responded with, “I don’t know her.” Ultimately, people just assumed she was throwing shade because, well, who doesn’t know Jenny from the Block, right?! But J.Lo wasn’t the only fierce (and super famous) female Mariah denied knowing. Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande made the list as well.

Of course, those are just two of many examples of celebrities that AWKWARDLY claimed they didn’t know another celebrity, but do you want to know what’s even worse? When they find themselves face-to-face! Check out these seven celebrities who had no idea they were meeting other celebrities! It’s kind of unbelievable, if you ask us!


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