8 Stars Whose Thigh-High Slit Caused an Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

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Wardrobe malfunctions in Hollywood happen all the freakin’ time. While Janet Jackson‘s boob flash at the Super Bowl back in the day was highly publicized, these types of accidents are so run of the mill at this point, it would be the only thing you read about if we reported every time a star’s outfit caused some inadvertent embarrassment. Inopportune gusts of wind mid-concert or a nip-slip on the runway just might be a job risk completely out of the celeb’s control, but sometimes it’s the star’s daring fashion choice that makes a style oops nearly inevitable.

Beautiful gowns with sky-high thigh slits are all the rage right now, being worn by everyone from Angelina Jolie to Bella Thorne. But while those famous females were able to take off their dresses at the end of the day without the painful memory of a revealing fashion mishap, others were not so lucky. The following eight stars donned a thigh-high dress slit and, with a stroke of misfortune, exposed a heck of a lot more than they intended, flashing the paparazzi and the fans: