10 Celebrities Who Calvin Harris Clearly Doesn’t Like

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Celebrities are just like us. They fall in love, they go through horrible breakups and, sometimes, they get in terrible arguments with people they don’t like. The only difference is that when they go through the latter, it is in the public eye. Many celebrities have bad-mouthed people they don’t like to their friends and the press, like Jennifer Lawrence, Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande. But it’s still always interesting to see which celebrities don’t like each other.

Many fans know the sweet side of Calvin Harris, especially since he started dating the juggernaut that is Taylor Swift. Tayvin is adorably cute with all those Instagram pictures and general love. His music is pretty awesome, too. But Calvin also has a side to him that isn’t afraid to speak his mind and talk badly about other celebrities. The DJ has had quite a few Twitter beefs (sometimes in defense of Tay). He has also been just as vocal in interviews and shelled out quite a few disses to celebrities who he doesn’t find that attractive, or who is making music he doesn’t like.

So, which celebrities has he not been too nice to? The answers may surprise you, since it even includes his current girlfriend! Yup, Calvin has put his foot in his mouth a couple times, and other times he has shown that no one is really off limits to his criticisms. Here are ten celebrities that Calvin Harris completely dissed: