7 Celebrities Who Embarrassingly Said the Wrong Name on Live TV

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Celebrities — they’re supposed to bring their A-game in front of the camera — like… that’s their literal job — but, sometimes, they screw up, just like everyone else.

Editing makes it easy for reality TV stars to have what they want said portrayed on screen, while keeping their most embarrassing moments hidden. On scripted TV shows and in scripted movies, cut after cut, and lots of editing make for a perfect performance. Unfortunately, real life proves much different, as celebrities have come to find out in the most uncomfortable circumstances.

It’s an honor to be asked to host a pageant show, awards ceremony or any special event. It’s also flattering to be asked to present an award or well-respected person or group. Does this cause nerves? Surely. Should celebrities be able to handle it? Probably, but being human can sometimes get the best of them.

Stuttering, slipping up on words, pausing to regain their composure, laughing for no reason… these are all things you might find celebrities do when announcing something. But full-on saying the wrong name? Yes, it’s happened — just ask these seven superstars, whose careers took a bit of a blunder from their shocking mistakes: