10 Celebrities Who Might Actually Run for President in 2020

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Although you might be erring on the side of interminable disappointment with the fact that Donald Trump is President, if it’s any consolation, it means that any celebrity who runs for the highest office in the land has a decent shot. Now, your mind might immediately jump to Kanye West, but even if you’re not a Yeezy fan, don’t worry — there are a TON of celebs who might run for DJT’s seat in 2020. So, let’s get right to it, right here, right now:

First to kick off our long list of celebs who might run for president in 2020 is none other than Empress Oprah Winfrey. Oprah set the Internet ablaze after her inspiring acceptance speech at the 2018 Golden Globes, with many calling her to make an official announcement.

Sadly, O’s BFF, Gayle King, shut down rumors of a possible presidential run, saying, “I would bet my first, second-born and any unborn children to come, that ain’t never happening. Never. I’ll say never on this one. Nevah, N-E-V-A-H. Nevah.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has also thrown his hat into the ring! At the end of 2017, he made it known on The Ellen Show that he’s seriously considering the idea of running for president and, in an interview with USA Today, he basically revealed that he never gave the idea much thought until he saw that many people were pretty excited about the possibility of a Rock presidency:

And even if he barely has any experience in politics, take a look at Donald Trump. He barely had any before he became he took the Oval Office, so anything is possible, people!

Katy Perry is another notable celeb who has dabbled in the idea of running to become the 46th President. When Hillary Clinton ran for the hot seat during the 2016 election, Katy was one of her BIGGEST supporters, so with her involvement in politics during that time, a KP 2020 run might not be too crazy of an idea. Especially when she shared a photo of herself posing between former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton with the caption, “42, 43, 46?!”

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In the past, Will Smith has saved Earth from aliens and robots and supervillains on the big screen, and now it sounds like he might make it his mission to save the United States by running for president.

If ultimately decides not to run, hopefully, these very public conversations about becoming president will make Jada Pinkett-Smith? (PLEASE!)

Okay, this next one isn’t even that far-fetched. George Clooney is a HUGE activist who has donated money and worked tirelessly to bring awareness to prevent mass atrocities and genocides. Not to mention his spouse is a bad-ass international human rights lawyer. When asked if he would run for president during a red carpet, George said, “Would I like to be the next president? Oh, that sounds like fun. Can I just say that I’d like anybody to be the next president of the United States? Right away, please.”

And of course, there’s no way we could forget Mr. West. Kanye was basically one of the first celebrities to declare his potential 2020 candidacy and he did so at the VMAs in 2016. After his super long Video Vanguard Award acceptance speech, Ye shocked us all by announcing his decision to run for president.

Now, this next one might not come as a surprise, because Roseanne Barr actually already RAN for president in 2012. The comedienne, who ran on the Peace and Freedom platform of marijuana legalization environmental preservation, ending the wars overseas and equal rights, actually placed in 6th in general election, garnering 49,534 votes. It’s possible she would run again in 2020, but only in opposition to Oprah or Susan Sarandon, according to The Hollywood Reporter. As a Trump supporter, it’s unclear if she would have the same platform as in 2012, but we’re sure she’ll let us know soon enough.

This next one you probably haven’t heard much about because we are unsure if it was just a one-off joke, or if Chris Rock has been planning his 2020 run since he tweeted this the day after the 2016 election:

We haven’t heard much since, but he could surprise us all!

One billionaire contemplating a presidential run is Shark Tank‘s Mark Cuban. In an interview with the New York Times, Mark said, “I think that given the circumstances, there’s a unique opportunity for someone like me who’s independent, and not affiliated to a party in any way. A real independent voice that has at least an inkling of what they’re talking about.”

And last but not least, the billionaire to rule them all. It’s no secret that Mark Zuckerberg kind of already runs the world as the CEO of Facebook, but he’s also been doing some political things, like trying to visit all 50 states to meet with people. Oh, and this list little detail from a 2016 Facebook SEC filing, which states that: “Mr. Zuckerberg’s leave of absence or resignation would not constitute a Voluntary Resignation if it were in connection with his serving in a government position or office.” Oooooh, so maybe that’s a hint?