10 Celebrities Who Were Straight Up RUDE to Restaurant Staff

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To normal and civilized human beings, it seems almost incomprehensible that someone can go to a restaurant and treat the wait staff with nothing but the utmost respect. However, it seems to be an ongoing trend among several famous celebrities to not only give their servers an attitude, but to also make unreasonable requests and to leave poor tips despite having enough money to leave a bigger tip than the rest of us who don’t even make close to millions of dollars a year.

While it remains unclear why these certain stars feel entitled to treat restaurant staff like second-class citizens, it does provide us with good insight to what kind of people they are IRL. And even though from the outside they can seem completely flawless, sometimes their insides just aren’t as pretty. Check out these ten celebrities who have allegedly treated their restaurant staff like absolute sh*t. We’re not going to lie, it’s kind of shocking.