13 Times Celebrities Didn’t Let Haters Get Away with Body-Shaming

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Let’s get one thing straight here: Body-shaming of any form is NOT OKAY. For some reason, people just don’t seem to grasp the concept that words hurt, and insulting the body types of others is simply unacceptable. With different forms of social media, it seems as though this unfortunate trend keeps growing, with increasing instances of shaming people who some consider to be too fat or too skinny.

Being in the spotlight, celebrities, especially female celebrities, are constantly victimized by others. Girls are called out when they wear too much makeup, yet they still get criticized when they go makeup-free. Seriously, WHAT DO YOU WANT?? Aside from that, stars are frequently subjected to rude AF comments online. With the click of a button, haters can send hurtful tweets to celebrities, criticizing their figures. Oftentimes, celebrities will take note of such instances and clap back at the haters by posting tweets or lengthy Instagram posts. Click through the gallery below to see 13 times stars refused to let haters get away with their body-shaming comments: