18 Celebrities Who Clapped Back at Logan Paul After Suicide Video

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Fans and critics of Logan Paul were stunned on the last day of 2017 when he posted a video to his YouTube channel of his experience venturing into Japan’s Aokigahara forest with some friends. The forest, also known as “suicide forest,” is known to be one of the most popular places in the world for troubled people to take their own lives. Unfortunately, the video, which, according to Logan, was intended to “raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention,” completely missed the mark.

While meandering through the forest, Logan and his friends stumbled upon the dead body of a man who had committed suicide. Although they weren’t expecting to see what they saw that day, Logan failed to do the right thing. Instead of putting the cameras down, he continued filming. Instead of keeping the footage to himself, he chose to share it with his millions of followers. And lastly, instead of respecting the victim in the video, he chose to exploit him by using his body as the video thumbnail. If all that wasn’t bad enough, throughout the video, Logan and his friends are seen making jokes, which is obviously very inappropriate and insensitive behavior.

Ultimately, Logan was faced with no other choice than to remove the video, which never should’ve been uploaded in the first place. However, despite its removal and his apology, much of the damage was already done, with fans, celebrities and fellow YouTubers clapping back at Logan for his terrible judgment. In fact, many people are demanding that YouTube take action and do away with his channel completely.

While the repercussions of his actions are at this time unclear, what we do know is that there were a bunch of celebs who took to social media to criticize his behavior… and rightfully so! Check out who and what they had to say here: