15 Celebrities Who Refused to Kiss Their Co-Stars on Camera

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The CW

It’s pretty easy to assume that A-list actors have it all. From their massive Los Angeles mansions to their private jets and and designer wardrobes, they’re basically set for life. But sometimes we seem to forget a little something about them — they work hard for their riches! Just think about the last movie you saw in theaters. Whether it was Love, Simon or Black Panther, there’s an insane amount of work that goes into everything you see on the big screen.

Not only do your fave actors and actresses have to audition against all of their talented peers in Hollywood, but then they have to learn all of their lines and spend endless hours on set doing scene after scene. They have to step into their characters’ heads and bring that emotion to the camera — in front of the cast and crew, to boot. And sometimes? That means kissing co-stars take after take after take.

We know being assigned to make out with a hot celeb doesn’t sound too difficult, but sometimes kissing scenes are the hardest part of filming! In fact, some stars hate it do much that they actually refused to pucker up on camera! You might think that sounds crazy, but the reasons why they said no are even more insane.