11 Celebrities Who Said Problematic Things on Social Media Before Fame

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problematic social media posts before fame

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We don’t often think too much about it, but before some of our favorite celebrities rise to superstardom, they’re regular people just like us. Unfortunately, though, some of these celebs, no matter how pristine their public image may be, have said some pretty problematic and controversial things before people ever really knew who they were — especially on social media.

Regardless of whether or not these celebs thought their posts would ever get seen by anyone, let alone millions, it kind of seems like time and time again, more celebrities continue to get exposed for their awful pre-fame remarks on social media. Sometimes, these posts are homophobic, racist, or just plain mean, and do not align at all with what we’d expect from these people — many who are now considered to be role models. If you’re wondering which famous celebs made problematic posts on the world wide web prior to being famous, we’ve got ’em all right here: