9 Female Celebrities Who Got Pregnant with the Help of IVF

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While we understand most celebs don’t want to share every single detail of their personal lives, we LOVE when they’re honest with us — especially when they’re honest about the hard stuff, like mental illnesses and miscarriages. It is beyond refreshing to see a person with a platform using it to lessen certain stigmas by educating their followers on things that matter.

Just think about it like this. Let’s say a woman has been struggling to conceive and wants to try a surrogate, but maybe she doesn’t personally know anybody who has had one, or she doesn’t know how to bring it up with her friends. For someone like that, there’s nothing better than scrolling through social media and finding out that Kim Kardashian and Tyra Banks have both done it already. Suddenly, the thought of another woman carrying your baby seems a little more approachable and a lot less unfamiliar. Hearing celebrities be real about their personal experience could be the deciding factor that convinces an infertile woman to seriously discuss surrogacy with her partner and her doctor. How amazing is that?

It’s the same with in vitro fertilization, better known as IVF. The process of extracting eggs, fertilizing them with sperm, placing them back inside the uterus, and hoping they get implanted and last full term can be super scary and overwhelming…especially when you hear about the shots and the side effects. But hey! Chrissy Teigen and John Legend used IVF to have their baby, Luna, and so many other leading ladies have done the same thing. While the process was far from easy for them and many racked up multiple miscarriages before finally giving birth, all of the stars we’ve rounded up made it through and are now proud mommas, some even to multiple children. And they’ve probably all inspired others to do the same. Can we give these actresses and musicians an award for that?