7 Celebrities Who Actually Posted a Naked Picture on Social Media

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Even if people are pretty certain their favorite celebrity’s naked pictures leaked, there’s always a chance that he/she can deny the whole thing and cry Photoshop. But when the NSFW photo hits the Internet from that very star’s social media account, there’s basc no way for them to deny the situation. While some celebs like Hayley Williams have blamed hackers for causing a nude pic to appear online, others own up to it — in the wise words of Hannah Montana, “everybody makes mistakes.”

Just because being on social media is pretty much a requirement for your faves’ careers, doesn’t mean they’re all Internet experts. Think of all the times your mom has posted something mortifying AF online, multiply that by 10, and you’ll have the following humans’ embarrassment level in the wake of accidentally posting a nude shot for their thousands of followers to see.