8 of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Dyed Their Hair Platinum Blond(e) in 2016

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When Taylor Swift showed up to this year’s Coachella with WHITE-blonde hair, everyone freaked the eff out. Sure, the “Out of the Woods” singer had slightly changed her look in the past, but she’d never done something as dramatic as going IN with the bleach and becoming a real-life Baywatch superstar. But while Tay’s hairstyle switch-up definitely caused the most headlines of the year, many other stars also embraced the peroxide life in 2016, too.

At first thought, you may assume that most of the celebrities who dyed their hair platinum this year are female. While Tay’s definitely not the only woman to be a part of the ’16 icy-blonde club, it turns out that there are actually many more guys who made the ‘do transformation. Think you can name ’em all? Take a second to ponder it over, and then click through the gallery below to see if you remembered all of the blondies of the year!