16 Times Celebrities Have Been Caught Photoshopping Their Instagram Pictures

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Instagram (@beyonce)

Instagram (@beyonce)

For reasons I don’t quite understand, the latest weird celebrity trend has been about stars Photoshopping their own Instagram photos. No one was that surprised when Kim Kardashian was caught doing it, but everyone is having trouble accepting the fact that Beyonce has been caught not once, but at least three times.

What are celebrities doing doctoring their own photos?! Don’t they complain when they get Photoshopped against their will in magazines? Aren’t they constantly speaking out against the unrealistic standards set for women in Hollywood? Why would they turn around and Photoshop their own pictures on something like Instagram, a site that is supposed to give us a more intimate, unfiltered (well, sort of) look into their lives? I don’t get it!

It’s easy to hear this and say it’s just the media blowing things out of proportion, but actually, it’s not. There is hard evidence that all of these photos have been retouched, from side-by-sides with the unedited version to warped items in the background. It’s really disappointing to see inspiring celebrities like Beyonce (or whoever handles her Instagram) continue to Photoshop photos of themselves. It definitely sends the wrong message to all of their younger fans, who aren’t afraid to call them out on it — although many of these celebs haven’t responded to any of the Photoshop claims.

It’s also really sad that these celebrities feel like they have to do this. If they are touching up their own photos, it shows how insecure they must feel in their own bodies — and that really bums me out. No one should feel so unhappy with themselves that they want to alter what they look like on a social media website. It makes me want to give them a hug! It stinks that Hollywood as an industry is so unforgiving that even someone as untouchable as Beyonce is constantly changing how she looks on a computer.

So, who’s been doing it the most? Here are 16 times celebrities have been caught Photoshopping their Instagram pictures:

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