Here’s What 7 Stars Looked Like Right Before They Entered Rehab

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Celebrity life means the cameras are always flashing, no matter what. Earlier this month, Vanessa Hudgens had to pose for paparazzi and perform in Grease: Live just hours after her dad had passed away. Can you even imagine? But dealing with reporters, photographers and fans is part of the job, even during times of major personal crisis.

For the most part, celebs do a good job keeping their struggles under wraps. From drug abuse to eating disorders, we usually have no idea that some of our fave celebs are quietly suffering — that is, until news breaks that they’ve entered rehab. The paparazzi usually manage to capture them on camera just days before they head into treatment. Looking at the pics, would you have any clue that these stars were secretly battling addictions? Check out the gallery and decide: