7 Celebrities Who Had to Get an Organ Transplant Because of Health Problems

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Getting a life-changing diagnosis from a doctor is scary no matter who you are. Whether it’s an autoimmune disorder or threatening disease, not one diagnosis is the same and every symptom is different depending on the individual. While some diseases are super well-known and have huge foundations that work tirelessly to find a cure like breast cancer and HIV/AIDS, there are still tons that are still causing confusion. There are even diseases that multiple big-name celebs all suffer from that we didn’t even know about!

Some of the biggest celebrities have been using their social media platforms with millions of followers to help raise awareness about diseases that they are personally dealing with. The most recent example is Selena Gomez who literally just announced that she had to undergo serious surgery to battle against her lupus diagnosis.

One of her best friends, The Secret Life of the American Teenager star Francia Raisa, stepped in at Selena’s time of need and donated one of her kidneys so her friend could have a successful transplant. If that’s not friendship goals then we don’t know what is!

Although the two have kept quiet about the surgery that happened months ago up until now, they both mentioned that they’re still not quite ready to tell their whole story. We are incredibly impressed by the strength, endurance and grace that the duo has had since they revealed the operation, we can’t imagine how difficult the past few months have been for them.

As scary as it is, Selena isn’t the only star who has had to have a life-saving organ transplant. There are a whole bunch of stars who have been open about their need for surgery and how it has given them a better life. While we knew that Modern Family star Sarah Hyland also had a kidney transplant, we were shocked about some of the other A-list celebs who had to have a scary procedure: