14 Stars You Didn’t Know Appeared on As the World Turns

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Before they became super famous, a lot of today's most well-known actors got their start in the entertainment industry by working on soap operas. Amanda Seyfried recently talked with W  magazine about her time on the soap opera, As the World Turns. It turns out, a lot of famous actors appeared on the same soap opera before it went off the air in 2010!

Stars like Matthew Morrison, Alexandra Chando, and Sarah Hyland are just a few other actors who appeared on ATWT. Want to know more celebs that also appeared on the soap opera? Check out the list below! We found 14 stars who appeared on ATWT before they were famous! Look at the entire list and then tell us, which star is your fave? Sound off in the comments!

1. Alexandra Chando. You probably know Alexandra from ABC Family's The Lying Game, but did you know she was also on ATWT? That's right! Alexandra played Maddie Coleman on ATWT from 2005-2010. Check out a clip of her first episode!
2. Zach Roerig. Before The Vampire Diaries Zach appeared on ATWT as Casey Hughes from 2005-2007. Zach and Alexandra's characters were love interests on the show! See Zach in action in the clip below!
3. Scott Porter. Before he was on Friday Night Lights, Scott appeared in ATWT. He actually took over the role of Casey Hughes for four episodes.

4. Amanda Seyfried. Amanda appeared in 27 episodes of ATWT from 1991-2001. After she left she went on to another soap opera, All My Children.

5. Meg Ryan. Before she was a household name, Meg appeared on 2 episodes of ATWT in 1982! 6. Matthew Morrison. Most of you may know him from Glee, but Matthew actually appeared on 17 episodes of ATWT! Check out a clip of him below! 7. James Van Der Beek. Before he was cast on Dawson's Creek, James did three episodes of ATWT!


8. Julianne Moore. Julianne appeared in 19 episodes of ATWT. 18 of them were in the '80s, but Julianne came back for an episode in 2010.9. Jason Biggs. In the '90s, before American Pie, Jason appeared on ATWT as Pete Wendall.


10. Sarah Hyland. In her early acting days, Sarah appeared in an episode of ATWT as Alison McDermott Stewart #4 in 2001.


11. Peyton List. Peyton appeared in one episode of ATWT in 2002 as "Little Girl in a Diner." Fun fact: The Tomorrow People's Peyton List also appeared on this show in over 300 episodes!


12. Spencer Grammer. Many people may know her from Greek, but Spencer appeared in 96 episodes of ATWT before that!

13. Jordana Brewster. Jordana might be known for her role in The Fast and the Furious franchise, but before that she was on 104 episodes ATWT. Check out a few clips below! 14. Emmy Rossum. Emmy appeared on one episode of ATWT in 1999 playing Abigail Williams.


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