10 Stars You Didn’t Realize Got Their Start on Reality TV

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Before making it big in Hollywood, celebs have to get their start somewhere, right? Well a lot of the time that somewhere is reality TV! That's right, some of the biggest names in the biz appeared on reality competition shows that ended up giving them their big break! Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Emma Stone are just some of the stars that were on reality TV before becoming household names.

Did your fave celeb get their start on a reality show? Find out below! We've found clips of 10 stars on reality competition shows. While there were a few exceptions, almost all of the celebs on this list appeared on the former talent show Star Search. Check out all of the clips and then tell us, which celeb performance surprised you the most? Sound off in the comments!

1. Beyonce on Star Search with the group Girls Tyme in 1993.2. Justin Timberlake on Star Search in 1993. Skip ahead to 1:55 to see JT in action!3. Christina Aguilera on Star Search in 1989.4. Britney Spears on Star Search in 1992.5. Usher on Star Search in 1991. 6. LeAnn Rimes on Star Search in 1991. Skip to 1:45 to see LeAnn perform.7. Before David Archuleta was on American Idol he was on Star Search. Check him out below!8. Lucy Hale on American Juniors in 2003.9. Emma Stone on In Search for the Partridge Family in 2004.10. Nicole Scherzinger on Popstars in 2001.

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