The 6 Worst Things That Could Happen on Friday the 13th

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Happy Friday the 13th… NOT! Are we the only ones completely freaked out by today’s date? We get that it should be just like any other day, but you saw how we felt about the Friday the 13th flick. So creepy! And since we’re very superstitious and know that today’s meant to bring bad luck, we thought about the worst events that could possibly happen — JUST so we’re prepared.

So brace yourselves people, and get ready to see what life would be like on the suckiest day ever…

1. Pretty Little Liars gets canceled.
It would honestly break our hearts if our favorite show got the boot anytime soon. For one, we need to see what happens with Ezria post-masquerade ball kiss. Two, Spoby’s back together — so what happens to Wren?? And lastly, the rest of the ‘A’ team MUST be revealed in the most epic way poss. So the show needs to stay on forever at least another two seasons.

2. Zendaya Coleman and Bella Thorne get into a HUGE fight. And quit Shake It Up!
Imagine. Just imagine what life would be like without the musical/comedic stylings of the two most awesome celeb BFFs of all time. We know SIU can’t last for the rest of our lives, but these two not staying besties for life would hurt us like crazy.

3. Darren Criss shaves off all of his hair.
It was already a shock when Darren chopped off his curly locks — which we fell in love with during AVPM — for his stint on Glee. Shock in a good way, that is. But to totally rid his head of his beaut mane would absolutely change his entire look, and we’re just not ready for that! Then he’d never be able to do his infamous Blaine Anderson gelled-to-the-side ‘do. Not okay.

Darren Criss Hair Before After

4. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez split up!
The day Jelena breaks up will be the day we call out of work for personal time ’cause we’ll probs be in mourning. True, it will mean that JB is up for grabs, but they seem like they’re really in love.

5. Beyonce ditches singing for motherhood… forever!
Granted, it’d obvs be a sweet gesture for Bey to stay home and be a mama. We just can’t picture living without her talented (non-autotuned) vocals and girl-power anthems.

6. Ryan Gosling breaks his nose.
He’s the Sexiest Man Alive (in our eyes) — his face is the moneymaker!

Which of the above situations would be the absolute worst? What’s the suckiest thing you could poss hear about your fave celeb? It’s supposed to be in good fun, so play along!

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