6 Celebrities Who Missed the Memo at the Golden Globes Blackout

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The Golden Globes weren’t so golden this year. They were darker than ever before, but in the best way! In order to support Time’s Up Now and their work helping those who have experienced sexual harassment and gender inequality in the workplace, all of our favorite A-listers took to the red carpet with a twist. They were all wearing black.

Why black exactly? According to Meryl Streep, all of these famous females wanted to “stand together in a thick black line, dividing then from now.” How powerful is that image? We were so on board and looking forward to the wave of Time’s Up Now supporters ever since the announcement was made — especially since some A-listers promised to not only come wearing black, but to bring activists on their arms, as well.

With so many scandals emerging since women started speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, we don’t know why anybody wouldn’t want to get in on this movement. But surprisingly, there were more than a handful of celebs who missed (or maybe ignored?) the memo and showed up in color. We’re not sure exactly what these stars were thinking, but we’re shaking our heads over here.