15 Celebrities Who Skipped the Polls & Didn’t Vote on Election Day

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For most people, voting is a privilege. As soon as they turn 18, they are 100% ready to take on that booth and fill out their ballot. They study up on the candidates, they encourage their friends to join on Election Day, and they proudly show off their “I Voted” stickers on social media. Just think about Drew Barrymore who was so passionate about the topic that she created an entire documentary on voting called The Best Place to Start back in 2004. She even re-released the film in 2016 to inspire people to get out there during the election!

Not all celebs are vocal AF about the importance of voting, though. In fact, some choose not to vote at all or — get this! — they tell their fans to fill out a ballot, but then don’t do it themselves. Crazy, right? But just because we’re pro-voting doesn’t mean we won’t hear these controversial A-listers out. Their reasons for skipping out might surprise you… or just infuriate you. Guess you’ll have to wait and see!