11 Musicians Who Suffered Legit Pain While Filming Music Videos

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The music video can be a total make-or-break factor in a song’s success. An amazing video makes people want to watch (and listen) over and over again. Like, how many times did you watch Justin Bieber roll around half-naked in bed in his “What Do U Mean” video? And don’t even get us started on the dozens of hot guys Taylor Swift has kissed in her MVs. Replay, replay, REPLAY.

The thing is, there are tons of hit songs every year, which means almost as many music videos. That means there’s a major challenge to make every vid feel unique and original. Sometimes stars will amp up the sex appeal, like Selena Gomez did in “Hands to Myself,” or get extra creative with costumes and sets. All that pressure to produce the ultimate vid can lead to seriously dangerous work environments. Whether it was by artistic choice or pure accident, take a look at these stars who put their bodies to the test during filming: