20 Celebrities Who Moved on From Their Ex SUPER Fast

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Anyone who’s been around the block a few times knows not to expect Hollywood relationships to last very long. And, even when they do, we look on with bated breath, as the possibility that a breakup announcement will come rolling out at any point is always looming. It’s heartbreaking when a great couple breaks up, but it’s even worse when you think, like a little kid thinks about their parents, that they’ll be together forever.

Healing after a #goals celebrity couple ends is a process that’s tough on its own and made SO MUCH WORSE when one of the ex-members of the couple has a total disregard for your emotions and jumps right into a new relationship with someone else. It’s like, hello, did we miss the crying into a tub of ice cream party or were we just not invited?!

If you’ve lived through these 20 celebrity breakups, which were followed by a new relationship less that six months later, you know exactly the kind of heartbreak we’re talking about: