7 Celebrities Who Tied the Knot Before Their Older Sibling

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It’s right around puberty when everyone realizes that growing up happens differently for literally every single person. When your best friend hits his growth spurt and you’re still hovering somewhere around five feet, or when all the girls in your class start stuffing pads in their purses before you, there’s no denying the change of pace from one person to the next. And it only gets more drastic from there! For instance, some of your classmates will jump right into their careers in no time while others will slave away in the library all the way through medical school.

It gets easier and easier to ignore that over time. You just stay in your own lane, do your own thang, you know? But when you’ve got siblings, it’s a little harder to tune out the steps they’re taking — and to stop comparing them to yours. That’s especially hard when you’ve got a younger sib who’s killing it, absolutely slaying in every bit of their lives. So you were on homecoming court? Well, they just got crowned queen. You got into an Ivy? They got in and got a full ride. Ugh, it’s a struggle.

Celebs aren’t immune to this, and they’ve got sibling rivalries just as much as the next guy. It’s just that their accomplishments — or failures — in comparison to each other are publicized on an infinitely wider scale. Like, when every Kardashian sis starts raking in millions and Rob Kardashian struggles with his sock line, the whole world watches. We haven’t been in his shoes (or his socks), but we’re guessing that doesn’t feel great.

What we are wondering, though, is whether celebrity siblings feel pressure to find love and get married first. How must it feel to watch your much younger sis walk down the aisle when you’re still kissing frogs? While we bet most of these Hollywood hotties have more important things to worry about, it couldn’t hurt to dig a little deeper.