7 Celebrities Who Were the Maid of Honor for Their Non-Famous Besties

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We love when celebrities walk down the aisle — and we love it even more when they show off pics of their big day. It’s true! Nothing gives our Pinterest boards something to work with quite like getting a peek of the ring on Ariana Grande’s finger, or the dress Jason Earles’ wife wore at his wedding. Because let’s face it, whether the event is on television in front of a million people, or kept on the DL before the paparazzi can find out, stars tend to go big or go home when it comes to tying the knot.

We don’t just obsess over our fave Hollywood babes’ weddings, thought — we even freak out when they’re walking down the aisle for other reasons — like to celebrate their best friend’s big day. We all know that when a red-carpet regular acts as a maid of honor, she’s still going to make sure she’s slaying in whatever dress she wears. And what better place is there for prom inspo, are we right? But we’ve gotta admit — the coolest part about seeing a celebrity as a MOH is seeing her take on so much responsibility outside of her already-busy career.

Being someone’s maid of honor is a high-stakes job. There’s a ton of pressure not just to maneuver the bride’s mood swings, write an amazing speech, and plan the best bachelorette party of all time, but if you’re an A-lister MOH for someone who isn’t famous, you also have to make sure you’re doing all of this without stealing the spotlight from the one in the veil. It’s a fine line to walk! Maybe that’s why only a few celeb ladies have been up to the challenge and most stick to simply being in the bridal party.